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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Oildorado 2005

Every 5 years my town has a celebration called "Oildorado." It is to celebrate the oil that was found here years ago and to this day funds our small town. Well today was the Taft CA Oildorado Parade and the "Scoot or Die Gang" ran security and were an entry in the parade.

Here is a picture of my scooter with my "Parade Security" Sign taped on it!!! We rode up and down the parade route and made sure people were out of the way for the start of the parade!

We all had matching shirts made! Here is Pam modeling for the camera!

After our security duties we all waited in a near by business' parking lot for our turn on the route!

Wes, my husband took some good action shots duing the parade!

Here we are during the parade.

We had such a good time!!!


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