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Monday, August 08, 2005

Decals For My Scoot

I have really trying to find reasonably priced decals for my scooter and I came across this great websiteStreetglo Motorcycle Decals . The reason that I REALLY like these is because they are made out of a reflective material, so they are not only cool decals they are a safety device!!! I think it is a great idea to make cool decals that help others see you at night, especially on my little Vespa!!!


At 10:07 AM, Blogger StreetGlo Reflective Decals and Graphics said...

Dear Kellann,

You are in luck.

Post a picture for me and I'll send you the decal. I like seeing my product shown in blogs.

So.. Write me back at streetglo. There's a formmail there you can use as I don't dare put an email address online for fear of the spam.

What kind of bike do you have and what kind of helmet? I'll send this to you no charge.

In case you are wondering, I happen to be checking our web logs and once in a while I follow them to see what is being said about us. That's how I found you and while rare, I do this once in a while.

Looking to hear from yuou.

BIll Aggie

P.S. We are expanding our lady decal dept. I have some prototype rose decals I'll share if you happen to like that. We haven't released it yet as a product but you can be the first if you like.


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