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Friday, July 29, 2005

My First Day With My ET2

Here is a picture of my new (well new to me) 2002 Vespa ET2. I had to kick start the bike but I still rode it up to a local eatery.
We had so much fun at Ollie's (a 50's style drive-in). They were having the very first "50's Nite." Of course the "Scoot or Die Gang" had to show up!
There were 11 of us there with our scooters (most have Honda metropolitans, but my Mom and I have Vespas). Cindy Patterson, the lady that started the scooter craze in town, had some personalized license plate covers made for us!

The best part of the night was when these three tough looking Harley riders came over and asked if they could sit on our scooters for a photo!!!

We said "sure, as long as we get to sit on your bike!"

We all had so much fun! After we ate we all rode off into the sunset honking out little horns the whole way!


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