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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Check this out...

Crystal Waters AKA creator of Girl bike and all of the wonderful seat covers at Scooter Seat Covers AND one of the great ladies that blogs for Vespa on Vespa Quest used my blog in one of her blog entry. How exciting! Crystal made a check list of things that new (and not so new) scooter riders do and of course making a blog was on the list! Here is the list with the link to my blog as the 5th on the list...New Scooter Guarantees. Very Cool!!!

My little sister just got married in Los Vegas on Wednesday and I just got home. While we were there my mom and I were on the constant look out for scooters. We saw tons!!! There were even places were you could rent a scooter to ride around on the strip! We really wished we had had our scooters traffic was crazy and parking was a nightmare....We will have to remember that for next time!


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